Minimal photography

Minimalist photography arises from the notion of minimalism in art, which is a style used by many 20th century artists. This style emphaasizes the use of a minimal number of compositional elements: color, objects, shapes and texture.The aim of minimalist photography is to express a concept, in order to bring forth a distinctive visual experience or elicit an emotional response from the viewer. In the world of photography, it is viewed as an exceptionally intuitive and personal concept, entrusting interpretation and understanding to the audience perspective of the art.
Minimalist photography stems from its initial art movement; minimalism, which was a movement in the 1950s that emerged in the United States, also known as Minimalist Art, Reductive Art or ABC Art. As the name denotes, minimalism — which originates from the word minimum — means the slightest or the littlest amount required. In the art world, minimalism employs a limited amount of elements to construct the desired effect. Generally speaking, the most crucial characteristic of this style is its ultimate simplicity, impartial and neutral approach. For example, an artist utilizing minimalism will normally use a restricted quantity of colors coupled with a simplified subject matter in the construction of the artwork. Artists focus on the idea of simplicity and plainness in their creations.

sanaz mahmoodi

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Shiraz / Iran

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CAMERA/ Nikon D800
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